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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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12] [roll cal] >l] >> please join me for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] we will go to item a, approval of board minutes, for may 15, 2012.
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any corrections? roll call, please. [roll call vote] >> five aye's. >> thank you. item b, presentation to the board of education. >> congratulations on the class of 2012. this is what we all live for. with all the teachers, everybody that helped all the kids get to the finish line or the starting line, i should say. it is the commencement, the
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beginning of the rest of their lives. this is simply putting them hopefully at a good vantage to be successful in courier's or college or whatever they choose to go off. i want to thank everybody for their hard work. the year has flown by despite the economic issues we're dealing with and it is hard to believe that the school year ends this friday and school was over for this school year. that is the last day of school. if they tell you they don't have to go to school on monday, you ought to believe them. they are not pulling your leg this time, opec? on tuesday, may 29, next tuesday, that is our forced closure day. all our employees are giving up salary and everything because of the state budget.
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we don't think that is a really good thing to do, but that is how california's inadequately funding public education and it forces us to do these terrible things. yesterday, if you saw in the paper or heard about on the news, the state superintendent of schools announced that just a couple weeks ago, there were 172 school districts that were really in a financial mess, and that number as of yesterday is now 180. they can't seem to balance their budgets, so if they're not careful, they'll be taken over by the state. the economic crisis is so tough that they can't run the school system. home is a huge issue we will go a long ways to solve. i hope that we work with the legislature at next year, we
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can't continue to keep chopping away more and more because we're running out of things and who is paying the price? and the children. i think it is really shortsighted in california. i hope the public starts waking up because the alarm that should be ringing already, how much longer we going to continue to cut the future of ourselves, our students future. this should be a national disgrace and everyone should be mad as hell about it. i want to wish everybody a great summer. students, i know there'll be a lot of different programs going on in the summer and the city has put out over 5000 jobs for you. kids that are busy home stay out of other issues and learn a lot of new things. how want to encourage parents that just because it is summer,
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please take some time to devote to spending quality time especially with elementary kids reading, writing, doing math with them. too many times over the summer, they lose a lot of what they have learned over the year and we have to start all over. give them a healthy start and help them out over the summer so that we don't need to do that. i know there will be a lot of summer school programs and camps out there. i want to thank the organizations and the city that have provided great things for our children this summer. it is great to be in this village called san francisco where everybody stepped up and we wish everyone a safe and fun summer. later on, we might have a student that we have asked if they would read a column for us. we thought it would be fitting.
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>> imc is a recognition and resolution of commendations. >> we usually do a distinguished service award and we try to pick the most the unsung heroes that are out there that we know are out there. we don't give up hundreds every meeting, but tonight we are going to give out a couple of different ones. i like to ask caroline to step up and help us make the presentation. they're your. >> it is my great pleasure and privilege to introduce the distinguished special service award recipients for this month.
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james samuel was nominated by the former manager for his dedication to students and positive support of his colleagues. even though i was of the one to nominate him, i support him and his work because of all the extra effort that he has put into his work this year. i appreciate all that he does for the early education school. i actually offered him a challenge this year. he was a school-age teacher for years and years, and this year, he became a preschool teacher. he has really stepped up to the challenge, i think he has learned a lot and a groan of a lot as a professional. i would like to thank him and offer him this award.
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[applause] >> of like to thank everybody, thank life for coming. the children of san francisco and zero board members that i know, we ran a bargaining team about 10 years ago, remember back in the day? i want to thank everybody and remember to keep our eye on the prize, the children of san francisco and the employees. psychologists, social workers, everyone. let's remember that he prize is very rewarding and a very worthwhile to me, but also our livelihood and what we need to
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do for employees of this district. i want to thank you very much. [applause] our next award, a look like to ask of the principal at flynn. >> good evening, buenas noches. it is mroe than -- more than a privilege, it is my honor. i am so pleased to present this award. mr. roberts is not as a dedicated teacher, he is a teacher by heart, he has professional qualities that cannot be described.
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go into his classroom and you see how seem less the transitions are in the classroom. children are talking to each other when the teacher says it is time to talk to your partner right now. they know who is their partner. intentionally delivering the type of instruction that challenges students, but also nurtures them. i consider myself a good teacher, but i haven't seen the teacher that addresses the classroom and the families in the way that mr. robertson does. he is really concerned about the children that will not have those type of opportunities outside the school. the children that did not have access to libraries, to
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resources. he really made sure that in the classroom, they will have the support that they need. and every single time, he is reminding us that it is about equity. every month, he goes to treasure island to teach the children. during the summer, he has been scheduled to work with the children that need the help for next school year. so it is my honor to ask the superintendent and the president of the board to give you the award. [applause] i forgot to mention mr. robert
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last week was honored with the mayor's award feature of the month as well. >> i just want to say thank you very much to my colleagues and also to families and in particular, my students. every single day, they teach me how to be of better teacher of them. thank you. >> i am sorry, but i have the privilege of he was one of the teachers on my list, 90 that were nominated for the mayor's teacher of the month award and we brought it down the 60 into
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30. we went into 30 classrooms, and we finally chose 10 teachers out of the 90. going into his classroom was unbelievable, it made me feel like a 5-year-old again. when he talks about seamless thus, there was no disruption in his teaching because he was making sure that the kids knew he was present. every time there was a transition, it was signaled by a sound and there was singing in the classroom. everything was focused around the kids, and i had a chance to ask him what makes him happy about teaching, and for him it was all about making the kids had the opportunity to be kids and that childhood is extremely important. he wants to make sure that they have their childhood. hugh being the teacher in that classroom is a privilege for the
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kids and a wonderful honor. you bring some much harder to teaching and i want to congratulate you again this evening and for last week's recognition. congratulations. >> next item is a combination of the food bank. is there a motion for this? >> the reading of the resolution high commissioner fewer. commissioner fewer: the san francisco food bank has been a strong partner with the san francisco unified school district in providing food to low-income families with groceries needed east -- each week. beginning with the first of the children pantry in 2003.
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and whereas the san francisco food bank has healthy pantries in public schools which are weakly throughout the school year with operations through the summer. and the healthy children program serves 3200 san francisco unified families every week and distributes over 2,000,300 pounds of food to these families annually. and 30 high needs schools that provide health a morning snacks consisting of fresh fruit, pretzels, granola bars, and over 10,000 students a day that amount to over 1 million sacks a year. and it serves approximately 56,000 school-age children and has included in the strategic plan a goal of academic excellence for all children, and
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whereas the school district has been a supporter of healthy food for our students, having set specific guidelines in the student lunches and breakfasts. and whereas the center for disease control says that it promotes the optimal growth for children and it can negatively affect our health, cognitive development, and school performance. be it resolved that the san francisco unified school district recognizes with deep gratitude and a tremendous contribution of the seventh as the food bank to the families and students of the san francisco public schools. and be it further resolved that these advances to a unified school district on behalf of the thousands of students and their families command and honor the work of the san francisco food bank in expressing a strong